Our Work in Haiti

Food Security and Sustainable Livelihoods

MCC's work in Haiti is built around relationships with our Haitian partners. From our first projects in 1958, to today, MCC's approach in Haiti has focused on accompanying Haitian organizations, listening to local needs and amplifying existing grassroots projects. Our current work in Haiti is focused around several core themes:

  • Food Security and sustainable livelihoods
  • Peace and Restorative Justice
  • Education and support for vulnerable children and youth
  • Public Health

MCC Haiti believes that environmental protection, food security, and sustainable livelihoods are deeply intertwined and are often best addressed together. Our work in this area began with agricultural extension workers and veterinary projects over 55 years ago in Haiti's north, and today focuses on the following:

  • Building the capacity of peasant cooperatives and associations to address the challenges of a rapidly changing climate and persistent drought, worsening terms of international trade, severely limited infrastructure, and few opportunities for value added processing in rural areas.
  • Developing community tree nurseries and assisting in reforestation and tree conservation efforts at both the household and community levels.
  • Supporting clubs and education for children and youth that teach methods for sustainable agriculture and the importance of environmental conservation at the community level.
  • Encouraging the development of decentralized agriculture and vocational training targeted to the needs of local communities.
  • Supporting rural and urban Haitian artisan workshops through accompaniment in training, design and production process.

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