Reforesting HaitiApril 22, 2019

Reforesting Haiti

In Haiti, MCC is working with local communities and partners to plant millions of trees in the areas that need them most.

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World Environment Day 2019

Scenes from World Environment Day 2019

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Konbit PeyizanApril, 2019

Konbit Peyizan

MCC’s forestry, ag work in Desarmes, Haiti, expands and becomes its own organization

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From Seed to SoldJanuary, 2019

From Seed to Sold

MCC photo essay explores the agricultural process of growing rice and other products, from planting to the marketplace.

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Kids Club in Haiti

Thank you for your generous support of Canadian Foodgrains Bank projects around the world through Grains of Hope. We want to share with you some of the exciting ways your support is making a positive difference in Haiti.

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Nettles and millet: Valuing local food in Nepal

Available year-round, stinging nettle grown near homes or gathered in the jungle is a good source of calcium and other nutrients.

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Study Tour: Visiting Agriculture Projects in Nepal Posted March 15, 2015

Visiting Agriculture Projects

For the past couple years, the focus of our Grains of Hope project has been Sustainable Agriculture in Nepal.

Profile: Sujan Lama, RICOD Community Facilitator Posted January 26, 2015

Sujan Lama

Sujan Lama is one of the community facilitators employed by RICOD to implement the IMCN Project. As a community facilitator, Sujan is responsible for conducting and organizing mothers’ group trainings, organizing kitchen garden trainings, following up with participants, monitoring school support snacks, distributing food to needy families, and much more within the community he serves.

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Jhuma Tamang

The town of Lapshe, a Tamang village, is in one of MCC’s project areas. Tamang are one of the largest ethnic minority groups in Nepal and are considered by the Nepalese government to be an underprivileged/disadvantaged group. With all that kind of demographic data it can be easy to forget the real people MCC works with and for; real people like Jhuma Tamang.

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Empowerment through Education Posted January 7, 2014

Ashma Mahat from Nepal

Meet Ashma Mahat. Ashma Mahat is from a rural village in Nepal, about an hour outside of Kathmandu, the nation’s capital. She currently has a 16 month old daughter named Aayusha, her first child. As Ashma recalls, when she began feeding her daughter solid food her daughter became fatigued and weak.

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Addressing hunger in Nepal

This article reflects MCC’s work in Nepal before the April 25th earthquake.

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Ina Drost and her son Al of New Dundee, Ont., are among farmers participating in a Wallenstein Feed and Supply effort to raise money for MCC’s account at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. Promoting the effort are Wallenstein staff including sales representative Barry Martin and Shelley Abdulla, who leads Wallenstein’s Grains of Hope initiative.

Through sales representatives, notices tucked into invoices and a message on its trucks, an Ontario feed company is inviting farmers to donate to MCC’s account at the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB).

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Facing Hunger documentary

This is a trailer for Facing Hunger, a 28-minute documentary about two farm families on opposite sides of the world who are connected through faith, farming, and a desire to help end hunger.

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